France, that beautiful European country known worldwide as the country of romance, not only for its monumental structures such as the Eiffel tower, the triumphal arch, the Louvre museum, its Gothic cathedrals and its immense catacombs, but also for its history and its beautiful landscapes. For something is considered one of the most important tourist countries in the world, especially Paris. But of course, although visiting this beautiful country will leave great memories for all those who visit it, it will also have a great reduction in economic level for those tourists (a big blow for the wallets).Tourists have different methods to spend their money when they stay in France, and considering that this is a tourist country after all, like many other European countries, part of its economy, even a small part, is based on the income generated due to those people who are visiting there, so be it to spend the holidays or work. From buying a jewel, a perfume, clothing or a simple gift or trinket in the different stores that are distributed throughout all French cities; or enjoy of the food in local restaurants to taste the exquisite French cuisine; paying the stay in the hotels, if you plan to stay longer than just a clear day. But without a doubt, the aspect in which all the tourists spend more money in their stays in France, is without a doubt the payment of the taxis, since these are the ones that will allow them to go to the places of tourist interest as the museums, parks, gardens, houses of important people of history and other attractions, and this will be the key factor that will allow you to enjoy your stay in the country.

Whether it is a business trip, or a pleasure trip, if you plan to go to France or if you are already there, there is no better way to enjoy the trip through the French streets, than using the exclusive services offered by the taxi companies, which not only provide security, but also the luxuries that are willing to pay when moving through the country. This type of service has elegant vehicles, drivers trained to provide excellent customer service, beverages, Wi-Fi and also have full-time provision if the client requires it. Having in count that Paris, is one of the most active and important cities in Europe with more than two million inhabitants, and added to that the large number of people who receive constantly whether they are tourists or for work, regardless of the time of year, because this is one of the economic centers of the country. One of the keys that will make your stay satisfactory is to have the best form of transportation that gives you comfort and that meets your expectations in both security and privacy.And at this moment, surely you are wondering: Are French taxis really expensive? How can I identify the taxis in France? Well, all these questions and all your doubt will be answered in this article, where you will not only learn a bit more about these services in the country of romance. Surely if you are planning your next trip to France, these must be some of the questions you must clarify before arriving, to move from one point to another in the French city without any kind of problem.

Cities like Paris, which have more than 20,000 taxis that work in the streets 24 hours a day, except some hours of the night, this already depends on the zones and also on the drivers themselves, and if it is a rush hour or do not. So, being able to get a taxi in France is not a really complicated task.As in Spain, taxi drivers are obliged to take it to their destination. Unfortunately, some of them may decide not to do it by not stopping or simply not taking it to their destination for personal reasons, or because they do not want to do it, or they will want to charge higher prices. Unlike France, where there are specific taxi stops which are always willing to take you to your destination and the price of the trip will be marked by the taximeter and not by the decisions of the driver.

Taxis in France are common cars just like in other countries. They can be of any model, without any specific color or striking strip. The only thing that identifies and differentiates them from a particular car is the sign in the form of a triangle which is located on the roof of the car with the word “TAXI” written on it. That way you can also differentiate if the taxi is busy (when the sign’s light is on) or if it is not (when the sign’s light is off). Inside the car, the driver must have a taximeter in good condition, and a license plate that identifies the number of his driver’s license.The prices of the trip will depend, of course, on different factors, such as the time of the trip, the function of the time and the day of the week, and, also the destination from a specific point in the city to the destination of the client. Keep in mind that there are three price rates, which are based on these parameters, which are: A, B and C. Each of them is identified with the colors white, orange and blue, respectively. The taxi sign must be illuminated by one of these three colors, identifying the valid rate to charge for that moment.

So that tourists can get the best exclusive services of taxis, so that in this way they can enjoy their stay and travel in Paris or throughout France, the taxi companies, in addition to offering the reservation services by phone, in which its managers will be dedicated to the coordination of transport, also use other services such as the use of digital platforms, all this with the intention of providing its users with greater comfort and tranquility, not only at the time of contracting the service, but also at the time of complete the payment of the tourism package. The personnel in charge of the transport are complete professionals, not only qualified in the steering wheel, but also they are knowledgeable of the best routes of access available, so that in this way you can enjoy your trip in the tourist zones and do not waste hours of trip in the car due to roadblocks. In addition to also being able to handle the standards of services for / with the client, thus achieving that time in the transport is a different and tranquil experience, either for work or tourism. Through the digital platforms, you will have details of the vehicle, the assigned driver, the route and the travel time that was established, so you can continuously monitor the contracted service. The prices of the trip will depend on the vehicle and the type of service that has been selected by the client. For those famous or recognized people, both for being part of the artistic world, politicians or businessmen, they confess that these services represent a great advantage in their trips since they recognize that they offer privacy and security, something that is essential when mobilizing for meetings or events of friends and family, or when going to airports, hotels and other places without any distraction, so this type of taxi services not only provide comfort, they also offer the discretion and tranquility that everyone seeks Not only famous, but also those tourists who want a calm and peaceful trip, this is thanks to the fact that the staff assigned at all times ensures that the users feel protected and comfortable.

The general price rate with which the taxis start their services varies between 2 Euros and 4 Euros; and the minimum rate for the service can be 5.20 or 7.10 Euros, including all your supplements. The cost per kilometer, from Monday to Saturday with the tariff A, from 10:00 to 17:00 varies between 0.96 and 1.07 Euros. On the other hand, the rate for each kilometer traveled, from Monday to Saturday with the tariff B, it goes from 10:00 to 17:00 has a price that ranges between 1.17 and 1.29 Euros and on Sundays the price varies from 1.21 and Euros 1.29 from 07:00 to 00:00. However, it is well known that the C rate is generally applied every Sunday and has a price that can vary from 1.47 to 1.56 Euros per kilometer traveled from 00:00 to 07:00. However, the extra for a fourth person varies from 2.70 to 4 Euros.“When I came here I didn’t understand so much the rates of the taxis, it’s so different than in Chile, the country where I come from. The charge you for this, and for this, and for this, but it doesn’t matter, I’m here in Paris, and this is a dream that I’ve always wanted to achieve” said a Chilean woman when she was asked about the rates of the taxis in Paris.

Very late at night, it can happen that the amount of taxis decreases and that the job of getting one is something really complicated and end up being difficult to find, this because not many of them continue working late at night. However, it is recommended to walk to the nearest avenue or to the main street, since these are the areas in which the night taxis tend to pass more frequently. In the day it is more common to find a faster taxi; however, this recommendation also works for these cases if it is difficult to find a taxi at your location.“I was scared because I lost my friends after a show at the Moline Rouge, I left for some minutes, and my phone had died and I didn’t know how to get from that place to the hotel where I was staying. So I was waiting for a taxi, but I didn’t see any one at that hour, it was 2 o’clock and the streets were alone!” said an American man who was asked about the issue of taking taxis at late hours at night in Paris. “So I asked a French couple who was near me, in my pathetic French, where I could take a taxi, and they took me to a main street where the traffic was a little bit fuller. And that’s how I could take a taxi, and I arrived at the hotel in some couple of minutes. My friends were there and they almost decided on calling the police ha, ha, ha. That’s how I learned that I must go to the nearest avenue or main street to take a taxi at late hours at night.”

It is also advisable to avoid taking a taxi in the morning before 11:00, and also in the hours between 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., because these are the peak hours and therefore, the streets they are overcrowded and the traffic is very heavy, so it could take you forever to get in a taxi from one place to another.To request and hire the services of personal taxis, whether it is at stops or a telephone reservation, the driver must ensure and establish the service contract and has as a first step to select the location of the meeting site, which will be collected to the client and in turn, take into account the place of destination so that, in this way, the best route and travel time can be established. We must take into account as a customer, the type of taxi car that best meets the demands and in turn, can move comfortably and safely to all people and luggage. These services not only apply in Paris, they also occur in other French cities such as Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux, among many others. Among the luxury vehicles offered by the taxi companies or the same ones that are at the stops, there may be simple brands like Volkswagen, Peugeot 205, even luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Jaguar, which are First class models, with cutting edge technology that offers its users an exceptional means of transport.